Help Animals By Going Vegan

All animals are alive.

Recognize that animals experience pain and emotions like fear, discomfort, the anguish of being locked up and many other feelings.

We must re-evaluate the way we relate to animals and how we perceive that behind every animal there is a sentient being, then it will be easier to understand that behind the products we eat, we adorn ourselves or we use are hidden suffering. We must make a choice.

More and more people around the world are discovering the choice of being vegan.

Becoming vegan means not be partakers in the exploitation and killing of animals, being people that are aware and engaged in their own purchases and in their meals.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" -Mahatma Ghandi.

Being vegan is a small change in our life that is a spark for a huge and incredible change in the world, toward a future of freedom for all animals.

At first view, the choice to be vegan appears as an act of renunciation, but in reality, it is a passage to a way of living which soon becomes the most natural and suitable to ourselves and to the ideas we believe in.


A diet with ingredients of vegetables is first of all ethics, for the animals and the environment, but at the same time healthy, nutritious and tasty. We understand, however, that in the beginning, the passage and the change can be difficult and the many social pressures, family, and psychological.


At the beginning you will find it difficult to eliminate animal products from your diet, think of ideas on how enrich daily meals with vegetables, fruit, cereals, legumes, seeds, and vegetable alternative to cow's milk and cheese. You will begin to discover new tastes and flavors and to eat consciously food that has not caused suffering to the animals and that has less impact on the environment. Thus you begin to immediately have a healthier eating and nourishing with a new way of living.

Try to move to a  vegan diet one day a week and then to more days. In many countries of the world, the Meatless Monday is now widely used and accepted, also supported by the institutions and schools.

Many people have found easier to a vegan diet by involving your partner, a friend, relative or the entire family. If you share meals, attempts, successes and recipes everything is easier. In addition you also brought another person toward a diet conscious and saved more animals!

Don't be put off by the difficulties that we all have had by being vegan. Being vegan can make be more difficult to share with family, a meal or a working lunch, where we feel uncomfortable that the vegan diet is 'different'.  It's up to you to do it in such a way that you do not you feel isolated: give your parents vegan cookbooks for them to discover new tasty food or organize a working lunch in a room that also offers alternative plant-based meals.

Hang out with people who are vegan and that live without consuming animal products. They will validate your conviction of your choices to be vegan. Find organized dinners, cooking courses, and events.

Everyone has their own path and their own time to mature and make conscious choices. We do not always have to feel ready to radically change our habits, but the important thing is to start. Begin by understanding that animals are not objects, that we can do without their products, begin to reduce your consumption and to inquire about alternative food and clothing. Begin a journey, quick or long, you are going in the right direction.


You also may be wondering what to eat, if you can find all the necessary proteins, if veganism is good for pregnant women or for the athletes. Don't worry, these are questions which have arisen in all of us.

For all these questions ask a doctor or nutritionist about a diet without animal products.


If you choose not to be partake in the suffering and the captivity of the animals, we have to do it in all areas in which they are involved. It is therefore important to make informed choices also about your clothing, cosmetic products, and cleaning products.

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