10 Best Vegan Travel Destinations for Families

10 Best Vegan Travel Destinations for Families

Have you been planning a vacation and looking for the world’s top-notch vegan destinations? It can be a challenge to find tasty, nutritious vegan meals. Fortunately, the number of restaurants, resorts and hotels which are becoming more sensitive to vegan diets is increasing. A few places, however, are definitely more hospitable and more suitable for vegans than others.

Top 10-holiday destinations for vegans:

1. Vegan Life Energy in Alicante, Spain

This bed-and-breakfast is situated on the north coast of Spain. The price of lodging also provides a vegan breakfast. Kids from 5 to 16 pay half price, and children below the age of five stays at no cost.

Leisure activities include yoga, meditation, cooking classes, and enjoying the gorgeous white sandy beaches nearby.

2. Albaspina Organic Farm in Vicenza, Italy

This destination is an 18th-century rustic farm only a couple of miles beyond the beautiful city of Vicenza in northeast Italy. You can get there from Venice by train in just an hour.

It's all vegan dishes are stunning and there’s also a garden trail, where visitors are provided a guided tutorial on how to grow and recognize vegetables as well as learning about their flavors and seasonality.

3. Forest Haven B&B in Beaufort, Australia

This all-vegan resort is very relaxing getaway which is a two-hour drive if you are coming from Melbourne. It consists of several private rooms, each furnished with dining table, sofa and sofa, dining table as well as a wood-burning heater.

4. Madras, Raintree Hotels, Chennai, India

South India is largely vegetarian as it is the birthplace of vegetarianism.

Places like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh offer piquant vegan dishes based on rice and curry. In addition, you could eat delicious tiffin items with tamarind and dosas. The price is also very economical.

5. Austin, TX

Austin is rapidly growing a city that offers good deals to vegans. Not only does it have many vegan restaurants, but it also offers several popular vegan foods trucks.

Austin is also packed with great Mexican restaurants, which also offer a variety of vegan dishes.

Park Lane Guest House is a great option if you decide to travel to Austin that as it also has a pool and massage therapy site.

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as one of the world’s premier green travel destinations.

Many of the country’s staple foods include rice and espresso beans, steamed vegetables along with tropical fruits, which are free of animal products.

You can also pay a visit to Costa Rica's incomparable national parks and see a number of the world’s most distinctive fauna and flora

7. New York City

New York is another great option, which is full of vegan restaurants... There is enough plenty to do in New York, and vegans will have no trouble finding meat-free meals in any area of the city.

You can find great vegan dishes in lower Manhattan, but there are also many great vegan choices in some of the trendier neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

8. Chiang Mai, Thailand

Because of the large Buddhist population, Chiang Mai in Thailand offers more than eighty vegan restaurants. Even places which aren't vegetarian-specific offer meat-free dishes, salads and coconut-milk based curries.

There are countless activity options ranging from visiting the Elephants National park where you can see and feed elephants to visiting the night market in the old city. In the night market, you can find many food snacks to keep you going like juices or fruit shakes.

If the weather is rainy you have also the option to go to the Airport Plaza Cinema. This economical and luxurious cinema is located in one of Chiang Mai’s biggest shopping malls, the Airport Plaza.

9. Laguna Lodge on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

This beautiful and relaxing resort provides only vegetarian and vegan cuisine using ingredients that are harvested through the on-site garden along with local plants.

It also includes a full day spa which offers massage, manicure along with pedicure services and with yoga classes. Daytime activities include scuba diving and hiking near the volcano.

10. London, UK

In 2009, London was ranked as the most vegetarian-friendly city in the world by PETA and it still remains a premier site for meat-free eaters. Nowadays, even pubs are serving vegan foods.

Apart from being one of many worlds’ most modern cities, London has grown increasing in vegan options. In addition, Birmingham has many cultural restaurants, especially Indian native and Japanese that offer delicious vegan dishes.

As people are continuously becoming more aware of health and environmental issues, vegetarianism is starting to become an increasingly favorite lifestyle choice.

This is making it possible to enjoy vegan foods in many places where previously it was difficult to find them.

The above represent 10 of the top-notch vegan friendly vacation destinations on earth right now, but one thing is for sure: more places will join this list as the time passes away and people become more aware of their diet and eating habits.
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