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Vegan Recipes: National Pecan Sandies Day

James Lucas

Posted on June 23 2015


National Pecan Sandies Day is an American food holiday that is celebrated by cookie lovers each year on June 23rd.

Vegan Pecan Shortbread Cookies

Rich, buttery vegan shortbread cookies with pecans and cinnamon.

Raw Pecan Sandies

These raw sandies hardly resemble the originals: being raw, they are far darker in color and much more textured. But just taste them: you’ll immediately pick up buttery notes from the pecans, as well as that characteristic vanilla flavor, thanks to lucuma and vanilla powders.

Vegan Pecan Sandies

These rich delightful cookies are easy to make for everyday, but special enough to include at parties or as gifts.

Gena’s Raw Pecan Sandies

The recipe is wonderfully simple: nothing more than pecans, medjool dates, vanilla, salt, a drizzle of agave, and—for a subtle sweetness that compliments vanilla perfectly—lucuma, a superfood powder that can be found online or in many health stores.

Salted Chocolate Pecan Sandies (Gluten Free)

This recipe consists of an almond flour/meal and has a nice lightly sweet flavor, especially from the coconut sugar which gives it a nice caramel flavor.


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