Vegan Recipes: National Vegan Chicken Wing Day

Whether you like them hot and spicy, sticky sweet or plain Jane and whether your prefer them served with Vegan blue cheese, plum sauce or celery sticks, vegan chicken wings have to be the most versatile protein on the planet. National Vegan Chicken Wing Day is celebrated annually on July 29th.  Chicken wings are served in a variety of styles with the most popular simmered in or topped with some type of spicy or hot sauce.

Top 10 Vegan Wings

Wings are an American classic found at bars, sports events, and other social gatherings nationwide. Luckily, there are a lot of vegan wing options out there that are delicious and don’t harm a single chicken.

Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings 

Looking for a healthier (and kinder) alternative to chicken wings? Try these juicy, tangy, and spicy buffalo cauliflower “wings”!

Spicy Seitan Buffalo "Wings"

Spicy Seitan Buffalo "Wings" are a vegan substitute for traditional pub buffalo wings but with all the same seasonings and flavor and fried goodness smothered in melty margarine (make sure it's vegan!) and hot sauce, just like the original buffalo wings made from chicken.

How to Make Vegan Spicy Buffalo Wings + Vegan Blue Cheese

This recipe with made with cauliflower for the wings.

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