10 Tips For Easy Vegan Travel

10 Tips For Easy Vegan Travel

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Living a vegan lifestyle can be challenging when you’re traveling because many places don’t have vegan options and it can be hard to find places that offer vegan options.  To help keep your commitment to a vegan lifestyle while traveling, here are some great tips on how to travel and uphold your vegan lifestyle:

  1. Learn Important Phrases: If you’re traveling to a place where there is a language barrier, make sure to learn useful phrases in that particular language so that you can ask questions to see if things are vegan friendly. If you can’t memorize them, just use your phone or tablet’s note app and jot them down so that you can better communicate your preferences to locals.
  2. Research: Take the time to do a bit of research on restaurants and places to eat wherever you go, which makes eating out on vacation a lot easier than having to figure out where to do while there.
  3. Cary Snacks And Treats: The best thing to do is carry vegan treats and snacks around with you. Pack your favorite snacks and carry them everywhere you go. This way, you always have something close at hand in case you can’t find any vegan options.
  4. Notify Your Hotel: Before you actually book a hotel, get in touch with them to see if they are vegan-friendly.
  5. Cook Yourself: Use Airbnb to find apartments wherever you are going so that you have your own kitchen and can cook your own meals.
  6. Pack Vegan-Friendly Items: Bring everything that fits into your vegan lifestyle like shampoos, soaps and other cosmetics just in case they’re hard to find in the city you’re in. This way, you know that you’ll always have vegan-friendly essentials.
  7. Contact The Local Tourism Association: Another great way to find vegan restaurants and shops in a city is to email/contact the city’s local tourism association for recommendations.
  8. Read Vegan Travel Blogs: The best way to learn about a city and if it’s vegan friendly is to follow and read vegan travel blogs so that you get the inside scoop on where to shop and eat.
  9. Learn About Local Ingredients: Before you go anywhere, learn about local ingredients. Use an online translator to find common words that you’ll need to look for in food ingredients.
  10. Online Vegan Groups: Join online vegan groups so that you can meet other vegans from around the globe. Whenever you’re going to visit a new place, get recommendations from locals in the area!
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