10 Reason Everyone Should Be Vegan

10 Reason Everyone Should Be Vegan

There are many reasons as to why you should go vegan and this is because of the many amazing benefits attached to it. Going vegan or switching to a vegan diet means that you get to enjoy delicious and satisfying meals that are whole and not loaded with stuff that could harm your body. Some of the reasons include;

Get energized and slim down; if at all you are looking to shed some weight, then go vegan. You will observe that once you do, keeping your weight under control will be easy. Going vegan also means that you get to keep off excess fats and this leaves you with lots of energy.

You help animals; when you choose to go vegan, you help over 100 animals every year by preventing them from suffering.

You get to be healthy and happy; going vegan means that you get to be healthy and this is because you will avoid a lot of diseases associated with meat eaters. Vegans usually get nutrients that their bodies require and this is in plant proteins, minerals and fiber. When you are healthy, you are happy and going vegan will actually assure you of that!

Delicious for you; because the demand for vegan foods is on the rise, most companies are now coming up with ways that will make vegan food delicious. This is in regards to dairy product alternatives that do taste delicious and are actually a lot healthier. So if at all you are worried that going vegan will make you give up hamburgers, ice-cream or chicken sandwiches, know that you won’t and this is after you get to taste the alternatives.

Meat is usually gross; did you know that meat is often contaminated with blood, feces and many other bodily fluids? This actually makes animal products top food poisoning, which usually results in cramping, diarrhea, fever and abdominal pain.

Feed the world; it takes approximately 13 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of animal flesh and all that plant food could go into feeding lots of people.

You save the planet; the meat industry happens to be one of the biggest causes of climate change so adopting a vegan diet means that you are contributing in saving the planet.

Everyone is doing it; celebrities all over are going vegan so why don’t you?

You get to look sexy; you get to be lean and with lots of energy. This usually lacks where meat eaters are concerned.

They are smart; research has shown that pigs and chicken are smart. The intelligence of chicken has been compared to that of monkeys so why participate in making them suffer?

Go vegan today and you will be glad that you did!

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