Utopia in a Vegan World

Utopia in a Vegan World

Utopia in a Vegan World

Many times young people are hampered by their parents, relatives or even friends in their choice to be Vegan and often it is considered to be dangerous to their health.

The vegan revolution is not easy to digest. Just remember these three steps: first mockery, then consideration, and finally sharing.

Changing lifestyles and eating habits is not an easy thing if this choice is not supported by a high ethical motivation or healthy, especially when established traditions condition people. Nothing hinders progress mentally and morally as the stubborn reference to traditions. In spite of the fear that sometimes elicits a change many things have changed.

Today we do not accept the concept that the women are supposed to serve men, the poor are here to help the rich, the weak to serve the strong. For real existential revolution, we are not asking for a more dignified poverty, but its total abolition. We do not ask wars to be less cruel, but their cancellation from future history. Not asking for justice for men, but for all creatures capable of suffering, we are not asking for cages for larger animals, which are clean, but empty. Do not ask for the regulation of hunting or fishing, but their total elimination. Do not ask for the reduction in the meat consumption, but the removal of slaughter and the demolition of the foundations of the slaughterhouses. We are not calling for the closure of the vivisection facilities, but their irrevocable and perpetual closure.

Utopia considered at the time of the Romans the cancellation of fighting in the Coliseum. Utopia was thinking to discover new lands beyond the Pillars of Hercules; it regarded as the unification of Italy at the time of the Bourbons; was thinking of land on the moon, talk, and see a live image of who is at the other end of the planet. But a utopia cannot be implemented in a day: it is always the result suffered and wasted away an evolutionary process. Every philosophy, every doctrine is born from seed sown that with time, becomes shaft and then by its fruits. Not all utopias are destined to become a reality: only if in their essence lives the seed for the right to all things: so it will be for the vegan utopia. But to ensure that the dreams become a reality, there is a need for people to believe it can it be realized.

Proceed calmly without annoy the slaughterers of animals and the warmongers? It is necessary to move by degrees giving people the time to understand, to learn, to make people aware because ignorance is the mother of all misfortunes: and indifference to those who suffer what has made this world a place of pain. Much depends on us, on our desire, the passion and the love with which we conduct this mission. Our cause will inevitably, and in evolutionary order of things, despite the disappointing reality that sometimes even the best, after a first enthusiastic approach, forget the purpose and eclipse them for reasons perhaps not always understandable. Our goal means not having understood the importance of our mission.

Our is the work of civilization, it is the work of justice to bring everywhere in the family, groups, schools, churches, and what does it matter if our message generates discomfort or irritation. We must make it clear that it is better just to stop eating animals, that you can enjoy better health, that humanity can be better, that everything can be improved and that it all depends on what you decide to bring to the table, why is it always the conscience that makes history.

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