14 Things Vegan Ladies Know To Be True

Hold The Mammal: Daring To Make Dairy-Free Cheese From Nuts

Now, as lactose intolerance and environmental and animal welfare concerns about livestock production drive more interest in alternatives to animal products, a new generation of non-dairy cheese makers is doing something novel: They’re actually making cheese.

14 Things Vegan Ladies Know To Be True

You love dogs. And cats. And pigs. And are awesome. Because you care. Don’t ever change.

16 Tricks Cats Use To Train Their Humans

Cats are able to train their humans to do whatever the hell they want, because our kitties are so damn adorable.

10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Shelter Pet

According to the ASPCA, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized each year--that’s 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats. In fact, among shelter cats, more are euthanized (41%) than adopted (37%). You can help change these numbers!

On the island of Aoshima, Japan, cats outnumber humans six to one. Take a little video tour of the island of the cats. Besides being adorable, it’s a teeny bit creepy.

Vegan 'Big Macs,' 100 vegan beers at this year's Vegan Beer & Food Festival

Food- and beer-loving vegans can flock to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on May 16 for the sixth Los Angeles Vegan Beer & Food Festival. There will be vegan grilled cheese, burgers and doughnuts -- and more than 100 vegan beers with unlimited pours, organizers said.

These Vegans Are More Likely to Stick With It

People who go vegan for ethical reasons are more likely to stick to the diet than people who are vegan for health reasons, according to a new study.

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 The music, made to calm and soothe the felines, imitates the pitch and tempo of sounds that naturally appeal to them.

Jon Stewart: Going Vegan Is the Solution to So Many of the World’s Problems

Jon Stewart, who personally owns some pigs, points out, “It’s harder to eat meat when you know the animal’s name.” But Stewart lays out the dilemma many face: “On the one side, eating mindfully and vegan seems to be the solution to nutrition, to health, to global warming. On the other side, corned beef.” Stewart says he’s open to meat alternatives, but he would miss having an old Jewish guy yelling at him while he eats his corned beef.

Here’s Why James Cameron Went Vegan & Started An Organic Food Store

“I want to challenge all of you as people of deep conscience, people who are environment stewards of the earth and oceans… By changing what you eat, you will change the entire contract between the human species and the natural world. I felt like I was waking up from a long sleepwalk. I believe we are all sleepwalking off a cliff if we don’t do this.” -James Cameron


An Avocado Ranch Dip You Won't Regret Eating!

 This light green dressing looks like a green version of ranch dressing but it has the subtle herbaceous flavor of avocado and the fruit's creaminess that elevates ranch dressing into a different dressing entirely.

11 Delicious Vegan Recipes That Meat-Eaters Will Love

Whether you've made the pledge to go full-on vegan this year or just want to cut down on your meat consumption, we've got the perfect solution—delicious recipes that are fit for even the most diehard bacon lovers.


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