3 Health Tips for the Vegan Cook

3 Health Tips for the Vegan Cook

Morrissey writes blistering open letter to Al Gore about Live Earth's dinner menu

Singer and outspoken vegetarian Morrissey Official​ has penned an angry open letter to former vice president Al Gore​ and his Live Earth​ co-founder Kevin Wall asking them—well, more telling them—not to serve a meal involving the use of any animal products at Live Earth 2015.

Farmers work with conservationists to protect predators

Conservationists at the N/a'an ku sê Foundation in Namibia are now working with farmers in a partnership that aims to reduce the number of these large, threatened carnivores that are being shot on farmland.

These kittens have taken over a canvas closet organizer, and turned it into a high-rise feline apartment complex. But with so many kittens living in such close quarters, things are bound to get feisty, and tails will probably get pulled.

3 Health Tips for the Vegan Cook

All of the above tips are great for anyone who is trying to follow a healthy diet. If veganism is your method of choice, these may be especially useful to you.

Jared Leto Stays Vegan While Bulking Up for Joker Role

Oscar winner Jared Leto is gearing up to play the Joker in the upcoming ‘The Suicide Squad’ movie and that includes putting on some serious muscle at the gym.

PETA Still Angry Over Live Earth’s Refusal to Serve Vegan-Only Food

Earlier this year, Gore, along with Pharrell Williams and Kevin Wall announced that they are bringing a second “Live Earth” concert series to a global audience this summer. Last month, PETA called on the trio, asking them to adhere to their own previous statement: “that dropping meat and dairy products in favor of vegan foods is the best way to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Bikini-Clad PETA Activists Hit Downtown with Vegan Wings

The women served wings to several visitors at the Downtown plaza for a few minutes before security at the nearby Equitable Building, 401 N. Michigan Ave., asked them to take the act to the sidewalk.

Barbie Is So Over SeaWorld — Mattel Pulls Animal Trainer Dolls From Shelves!

The toy giant announced on Wednesday that they would no longer be making Barbie's SeaWorld Wildlife Rescuer Doll following all of the public backlash Shamu's captive's have been facing ever since Blackfish came out.

Vegan Recipes:

10 Delicious Vegan Fritters, Cakes and Patties

A solid staple in plant-based cooking is mastering the art of the veggie burger. Or the veggie cake, or fritter. These toasty round patties are packed with flavor and nutrients. Ingredients usually include legumes like beans or lentils.

Cheap Clothing:

Shima Akhter, 23, shared her story for The True Cost, a new documentary which examines how cheap clothing impacts people and the planet.

Pop-up vending machine selling €2 T-shirts shows shoppers the real cost of cheap clothes

A pop-up T-shirt vending machine in Berlin offered shoppers the chance to buy a €2 (approx. €1.40) T-shirt, but instead of being sold a tee, customers were shown shocking images of the production conditions that went into creating the t-shirt.

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