7 Ways To Use Nutritional Yeast (And Why You'd Want To In The First Place)

7 Ways To Use Nutritional Yeast (And Why You'd Want To In The First Place)

7 Ways To Use Nutritional Yeast (And Why You'd Want To In The First Place)

Nutritional Yeast is gluten-free and packed with B vitamins like B12, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, and folic acid, plus 6 grams of a protein in  every 45-calorie ¼ cup (compare that to the 110 calories in the same amount of Parmesan).

Counter-terrorism Unit Eyed ‘Vegan Potlucks,’ Documents Reveal

According to news site MuckRock.com, which obtained the documents through a public records request, a counter-terrorism specialist with the Texas Department of Public Safety alerted fellow employees to the “National Weekend of Action” shortly after discovering the page.

Five Fave Vegan Bag Brands

Looking for a bag that's chic, classic, stylish, and vegan? You've come to the right place.

Vegan Recipes:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cashew Cups

A healthier version of Reese peanut butter cups, these chocolate cashew butter cups deliver plenty of heart-healthy flavonoids and healthy protein.

24 Vegan Desserts You Need In Your Life

The best thing about going vegan? The desserts! Start with chocolate treats and work your way from there.

9 Healthy Vegan Snacks That Cost Less Than $5 to Make

Foods like steel-cut oats, whole wheat flour, dry legumes, canned beans, peanuts, and corn kernels can be bought in bulk and stored for a while on the shelf.

Roasted Cauliflower White Bean Soup with Crispy Sage (vegan)

These beans give soups a wonderfully creamy consistency without the guilt.

Best-Ever Veggie Burgers from Northstar Cafe

Burgers based on beets are all the rage in the vegan world

One Bowl Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

These cookies are great...you get a double dose of chocolate!

One Bowl Vegan Chocolate Cake

This vegan recipe for chocolate-mocha cake is more than animal-friendly; it's gourmet-friendly, too.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cheesecake

If you appreciate a perfect peanut butter chocolate combo, you have got to try this cheesecake.


Cat Tattoos Are Probably The Cutest Way To Break The Law In South Korea

South Korean law states that only medical practitioners (doctors) can do tattoos due to their invasive nature. Growing pressure from the public, however, spearheaded by popular athletes and celebrities, is encouraging the government to legalize the work of South Korea’s underground tattoo artists.

21-step Guide On How To Cook With Cats

Let’s examine the cooking process when cats are involved in detail and evaluate whether or not it will be the thing out there you’ve always missed?

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