The 9 Best Destinations for Vegan Travelers

 The 9 Best Destinations for Vegan Travelers

Court Orders ‘Vegan’ Mother to Feed Her Son Proper Food

Disagreements over the correct diet for a twelve-year-old boy became so heated for one divorced Italian couple, the father took the matter to court and won, meaning the mother must now cook him meat.

There’s an App Called V Cards, But It’s Not What You Think

Vegans are advised to write down, in the local languages of the places they are visiting, that they do not eat meat, seafood, or any animal products, and present the slip of paper to servers and cooks abroad. Well, now there’s an app for that.

The 9 Best Destinations for Vegan Travelers

Some destinations on this list, like Berlin and Austin, are vegan because they have made attempts to be greener, and these attempts have paved the way for a lot of culinary creativity.

Interview with Kristin Lajeunesse – Will Travel for Vegan Food

Kristin spent eighteen consecutive travel months living out of a renovated sports van affectionately named Gerty. Almost immediately after beginning her journey, Kristin discovered a deep passion for nomadic and unconventional living, and has since chosen to maintain a mobile lifestyle, indefinitely.

Luke Jones discusses the benefits of going vegan

Luke is a plant based blogger and wellness advocate. Find out how Luke going vegan impacted on his health, strength, outgoings, attitude, and ability to make the changes he wanted.

Land of Kush's vegan brunch platter soothes our brunch-starved soul

Land of Kush (840 N. Eutaw St., [410] 225-5874, has a Sunday brunch platter ($8.99). It's the only breakfast-y thing on the menu, but it is enough to soothe a brunch-starved soul.

Portland a great place for vegans to live

Fish-free “toona”? Check. Sweet potato dog treats? Absolutely. Coconut bacon? Yep.

Raw Vegan Chef Serves Up Superfoods For Rapid Weight Loss

Raw vegan chef Julie Morris says you can accelerate weight loss and dramatically improve your physical and emotional health using revolutionary superfoods.

The Good Karma Diet Author Victoria Moran on Acing the Aging Process, Magic Banana Ice Cream and High-Level Health

For three decades, author Victoria Moran has been imparting knowledge about how to make the switch to a more compassionate, healthier existence. She's written a total of twelve books, including Main Street Vegan and her latest, The Good Karma Diet.

Food poisoning study highlights yet another reason to go vegan

There are many reasons to go vegan, and news that almost three-quarters of shop-bought chickens tested positive for the food poisoning bug Campylobacter highlights yet another one. A year-long study by the Food Standards Agency found that 73% of chicken bought from UK retailers were infected, up from 65% in its last study in 2009.

Vegan Recipes:

Maple Roasted Peaches and Cream Vegan Summer Recipe

Lighten up your summer desserts, but don’t compromise on taste. The following roasted peaches and cream recipe avoids sugar, butter and dairy. Instead, it looks to coconut milk and coconut oil to create the decadence needed for any dessert meal while still keeping the entire experience a joy, not a guilt-trip.

Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Decadent Vegan Ice Cream Recipes

Here are a few starter recipes for easy-to-make ice cream and one delicious ice cream cake, all vegan.

Vegan Chocolate Cupcake

This vegan chocolate cupcake recipe makes the best vegan cupcakes or chocolate cupcakes you'll try. Seriously.

5 Vegan Dishes From India That Even Carnivores Will Love!

Your best bet is to go to “pure vegetarian restaurants”, which won’t use any animal products.

How to Do a Vegan Barbeque That'll Make All Your Meat Lovin' Friends Jealous

Whether you're the solo vegan at a pal's cook out or it's your first time hosting a meat-free one, there's plenty of ways to replace burgers and tuna steaks without having to resort to soggy hummus sandwiches and a lot of pitying stares from the pulled pork camp.

Seitan Saltado (Peruvian Stir-Fry with Potatoes)

Cut down on the amount of time this recipe takes by prepping the vegetables and assembling ingredients after you’ve put the French fries in the oven.

Black bean vegan veggie burgers that pack a flavorful punch

Finding a veggie burger with less than a dozen ingredients, that doesn't crumble and is pleasing to everyone at the dinner table is harder than you would think.

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