National Herbs and Spices Day

National Herbs and Spices Day

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National Herbs and Spices Day

National Herbs and Spices Day, an “unofficial” National holiday is celebrated annually on June 10.

Spices For Cooking in Your Vegan Kitchen

Although the shear number of different spices can make picking them confusing, you can feel assured that adding just a few extras to your kitchen will improve your cooking skills.

Herbs & Spices

Herbs and spices can makes foods tasty and add extra nutrition. Use fresh herbs and spices whenever possible.

Common Culinary Herbs

As the popularity of healthy, ethnic cooking home grows, our spice rack should expand to accommodate the seasonings give vegan dishes their unique characters.

Vegan News:

Shareholders Ask Elon Musk to Make Tesla Cars Go Vegan

Tesla Motors Inc.’s Model S sedan already ditched gasoline. Now two shareholders from Texas want the electric-car maker to stop using animal products as well.

Vegan Recipes:

4-Ingredient Vegan Frozen Yogurt Recipe

Frozen yogurt has long been heralded as the guiltless dessert. It’s low in fat, calories and feels light. However, it is not all it’s whipped up to be. In fact, it may be doing more harm than good. The following frozen yogurt recipe offers you a healthier alternative to a dieter’s classic.

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