Diet and Diabetes: Recipes for Success

Diet and Diabetes: Recipes for Success

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National Corn on the Cob Day:

June 11 of each year is the day to celebrate National Corn on the Cob Day.  Fresh corn on the cob is a summertime treat that people from all corners of the United States look forward to as we start the picnic season.

Easy Elote (Mexican Corn on the Cob) With a Twist

 Here's a tasty recipe for Elote Callejero (Mexican style Street Corn) made vegan. This is Mexican street food at its finest. This recipe is great for serving family-style. 

Cooking Corn On The Cob

There are many different types of corn out there for you to choose from, but perhaps the most popular is sweet corn. It comes in a yellow variety and a white variety. The yellow tends to be sweeter. Because the white isn't often grown for large commercial uses, you're likely to find white corn sold by your local farmers.

Grilling Corn on the Cob

Grilling corn on the cob can be confusing -- do you leave the husks on or take them off? Do you place them on the grill raw, or pre-cook them first? How long should they cook?

Herbed Corn on the Cob with Olive Oil and Garlic

If you’re looking for a new spin on corn on the cob, try this vegan take that uses a flavorful, garlic-infused olive oil in place of butter. But losing the butter doesn’t mean that you have to lose the flavor — this corn on the cob recipe really showcases the corn’s sweetness while delivering a slight garlicky, herbaceous punch.

Fire-Grilled Chili Lime Corn Cobs

With the weather warming, people all over the country are firing up their grills. When most people think about grilling, they immediately think about meat. And when you’re a vegan at a barbecue, most people assume the only thing you can eat is a veggie burger — you know, the kind that comes out of the box tasting like the cardboard it was packaged in. But grilling is a terrific, nutritious and delicious way to prepare your veggies. From portobello mushroom caps to tender asparagus, veggies prepped over the grill take on an incredibly rich flavor.

National German Chocolate Cake Day:

National German Chocolate Cake Day is celebrated by chocolate lovers annually on June 11.

German Chocolate Cake!

The cake is extremely rich and chocolate-y, which contrasts perfectly with the extremely sweet frosting.

Vegan German Chocolate Cake

A decadent slice of chocolate cake topped with a rich coconut pecan sauce. Gluten free and vegan dessert recipe.

Raw Vegan German Chocolate Cake

German chocolate cake, originally German's chocolate cake, is a layered chocolate cake from the United States filled and topped with a coconut-pecan frosting.

Triple-Layer German Chocolate Cake [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Bake a cake that would make mama proud. German chocolate cakes are known for being rich, indulgent cakes, so enjoy a slice with a glass of milk.

Gluten Free German Chocolate Cake with Vegan Frosting

Make this classic German Chocolate Cake for your next special occasion—and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Vegan Articles:

For 26 Years, I’ve Managed Type 1 Diabetes With a Plant-Based Diet

Exercise plays an important role in diabetes management.6,7 Through regular exercise, the need for insulin injections or oral medications can often be reduced. This holds true not only for people with type 2 diabetes, but also to some extent for those with type 1. Exercising muscles have a voracious appetite for fuel. When an individual is engaged in regular aerobic exercise, glucose is able to enter the cells without the need for as much—or perhaps any—insulin.

Diet and Diabetes: Recipes for Success

This new and effective approach to diabetes is remarkably simple. Here are four simple steps to managing your blood sugar (and weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol) with diet.

Food and Drinks Which Should Be Certainly Consumed By The Diabetics

The people who suffer from diabetes type 2 are exposed to an increased risk of a great number of diseases, especially the diseases of the cardiovascular system. A great number of people intake too many simple sugars every day and their body can’t produce insulin normally after some time. These researches have shown that the diabetics should increase the intake of certain kind of food in order to decrease the risk from heart diseases, nerve damage, weak eyesight and kidney failure.

Ben & Jerry's to Release a Vegan Ice Cream Next Year

Here's some good news for those who live a dairy-free life: Ben & Jerry's is releasing a vegan ice cream next spring. The company has been working on a new dairy-less ice cream and plans to use either coconut milk or almond milk as as base.

Vegan & Vegan-friendly Restaurants in Tokyo

Kyoto is the vegan capital of Asia: it has over a dozen vegan restaurants, and unlike Tokyo most are within walking distance of the common visitor attractions, and their standards and variety on average exceed Taipei.

The Best Vegan Protein For Gut Health

Tempeh is a versatile source of protein that can be used in a variety of different recipes. Marinate it with ginger, coconut aminos, lime and sesame oil or make a BLT with tempeh in the place of bacon.

Predicting a Vegan America by 2050

Sound preposterous? Not if we work together to make it happen.

How To Prepare Lemon Water The Right Way

Next time when you prepare your lemon water, try to add at least half a teaspoon of lemon zest in it. In this way you will enjoy all health benefits that this drink possesses.

Vegan Recipes:

Vegan Guacamole Potato Skins with Ranch Dressing

The skins are crisp and buttery and crunchy and a bit earthy, which makes for the perfect potatoey bed for the guacamole–creamy and rich and tart and spicy and smoky, it might just be the best guacamole you’ve had. Topped with a thin slice of fresh jalapeño and a sprig of cilantro, dipped in a cool, herbaceous vegan ranch, these guacamole potato skins are fit for company but simple enough to make for an afternoon snack.

Vegan Hot Pretzel Challah Bread + a review of Mayim’s Vegan Table

Mayim’s Vegan Table: More than 100 Great-Tasting and Healthy Recipes from My Family to Yours. Many of us know the struggles and challenges of raising our children to be healthy eaters when the outside world presents all sorts of conflicting messages. Mayim Bialik has teamed up with Dr. Jay Gordon to help parents face those challenges head on. Interested in providing nutritious, delicious meals for your kids? Take their advice. Because, believe it or not, your child will eat greens if you just try a fruit-sweetened green smoothie.

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