10 Amazing Travel Destinations for Families That Offer Vegan Cuisine

10 Amazing Travel Destinations for Families That Offer Vegan Cuisine

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Early separation of cow and calf has long-term effects on social behavior

Calves of dairy cows are generally separated from their mothers within the first 24 hours after birth. The majority of the milk thus enters the food market and not the stomachs of the calves. However, growing up without a mother has consequences. Scientists have studied the long-term effects of early maternal deprivation. This study shows that calves which have contact to their mothers or to other cows during rearing become more sociable adults.

7-Eleven Stores Will Switch Exclusively to Plant-Based Just Mayo

Founder and CEO Josh Tetrick recently announced on Twitter that all 7-Eleven stores in the U.S. will now use exclusively Just Mayo on all their sandwiches.

10 Amazing Travel Destinations for Families That Offer Vegan Cuisine

Have you been planning a holiday and wondering are the world’s top-notch vegan destinations? It can be challenging to uncover tasty, nutritious meals which have meat-free products. You can always find a vegan meal in many places, but I assume you wouldn't like to be stuck in a place that offers just french fries and burgers.

Make Your Outfits In Your Living Room, With This Clothing 3-D Printer

A new 3-D printer for apparel can create a simple prototype of a tank top, with no sewing skills or cotton field required. The process looks a little like a sci-fi cotton candy machine, spinning fibers from electrically charged liquid that adheres into fabric within the space of a few minutes.

The impossible? Vegan cheese that tastes like the real deal

Kite Hill's dairy-free "cheeses" taste so authentic, Whole Foods Markets actually sells them alongside its real deal Parmesans and cheddars. The cheeses are the work of celebrity vegan chef Tal Ronnen, until now better known for orchestrating Oprah Winfrey's 21-day meat- and dairy-free cleanse as well as catering Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's vegan wedding.

Vegan Recipes:

Vegan Strawberry Cream Pie wins 1st Place at 2015 San Diego County Fair! (recipe included)

She beat out some great-looking pies.  As far as we know, hers was the only vegan entry. It wasn't explicitly identified as such, although per the rules she provided the ingredient list (which included such vegan standbys as silken tofu, raw cashews, agar agar, etc.). I think even the judges were surprised to hear later that it was vegan!

Grain-Free, Vegan Strawberry & Cream Naked Cookie Sandwiches

You won't believe these cookie sandwiches are made without grains, eggs, dairy or refined sugars! Pair with some strawberry milk for a sweet treat or try swapping coconut cream for some vegan ice cream to make ice cream sandwiches! These are lovely as individual cookies also.

43 Ways to Serve Vegan Mac 'n' Cheese!

Vegan versions of this beloved kid- and adult-approved meal are delicious and oftentimes very good for you.

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