Here Are the Answers to All of Your Questions About Veganism

Here Are the Answers to All of Your Questions About Veganism

If we all went vegan, we’d be overrun with animals?

If we all went vegan – all the animals would die out

Our teeth/digestive systems are designed for eating meat

Eating meat is natural

Lots of animals killed for food: why shouldn’t we?

It’s alright to eat animals if they’ve had a good life.

I only eat organic/free-range/fish/chicken/dairy anyway.

Plants scream when they’re pulled out of the ground or are cut up for food.

If you were stuck on a desert island, you’d have to eat meat.

God put animals on earth for us to eat.

If we all ate vegetables and crops, wouldn’t we need more pesticides?

Eating fish doesn’t cause suffering.

What would happen to the countryside if we stopped having animals grazing on it?

Why not do something for people instead of animals?

Hitler was a vegan.

All the farmers would be unemployed if we stopped eating meat.

I don’t mind you being vegan – but you shouldn’t try to impose your views on other people. It’s a matter of individual choice.

What difference will one person giving up meat make?

We’ve eaten meat since we were cavemen.

Why do vegans always look ill?

If the animals weren’t happy and healthy, they wouldn’t grow/lay eggs etc.

Isn’t it hard to be vegan?
Where do you get your protein?
I only eat free-range eggs. That’s okay, right?
Isn’t it expensive to be vegan?
I could never be vegan; I love the taste of meat too much.
Doesn’t the bible endorse eating animals?
Haven’t we evolved to eat meat? It’s natural!
What would happen to all the animals if we stopped eating them?
What’s wrong with honey?
You don’t have to kill animals to get dairy and eggs, so what’s wrong with those products?
Cows need to be milked, don’t they? We’re doing them a favor.

Why did you become a vegan?

What is the difference between a vegan, vegan, and a plant-based diet?

Where do vegans get their protein?

What do you vegans eat?

Do you ever miss meat?

If vegans are going to eat fake meat why don’t they just eat the real thing?

Do vegans only date other vegans?

Why aren’t vegans skinny?

Is your kid vegan?

Are you a perfect vegan?

What does a “vegan diet” mean?

Is the vegan diet automatically the healthiest way to eat?

What’s so good about a vegan diet?

Are vegans really healthier in the long-run?

Does it cost more or less to eat vegan?

Do vegans get enough iron?

Do vegan diets contain enough calcium?

Can vegan diets lead to some nutritional deficiencies?

Do vegans get enough protein?

Do vegans get enough fat?

As a confirmed meat lover, how can I learn to like vegetable dishes?

Is it safe to feed children a vegan diet?

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