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Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Seitan

Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Seitan

Often called vital wheat gluten, seitan is made from wheat protein. There are loads of off-the-shelf products available, but you could also make your own.

With seasonings, you can flavor a dry mix made with wheat gluten flour, then create a wet mix using plant based milk, tofu and any flavorings you like (depending on your desired outcome). Mix the two together into a dough and knead well.

If you’re craving fast food, you can fry it in chunks with seasoned batter for a fried chicken substitute. For a healthier alternative, it can be roasted, grilled or oven cooked.

It’s a good substitute for duck, beef, bacon and sausage, and can be paired with most cuisines, but it seems to be most popular with Asian food, having originated in China where it’s been used as a source of protein for centuries.

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