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What do vegans do with their leather goods?

When I do events and talk to people about being Vegan, they always ask what do I do with my leather goods? And for me, when I switched, I used them until they wore out. So when my shoes wore out, I replaced them with a vegan pair of shoes when my belt wore out, my wallet, everything. When it wore out, then I switched it. When some people go vegan, they just want to get rid of everything, and they donate it. So that's also an option. So what are some things you can do to switch out your leather goods and go to grapecat.com. We carry wallets, purses, and backpacks made out of recycled materials. Like this wallet that used to be a cement bag for construction. We also have wallets, purses, and backpacks made out of recycled tires. You know, it's not about using an animal product for luxury. It's also about reusing materials, and we have these canvas wallets that are great, and even women can switch out their purses for something like this by Matt and Nat. It still looks like leather, but it's made out of PVC. Matt & Nat also uses recycled bottles for the interior.

When some people become vegan, they don't like when then purses and accessories that look like leather. So they'll switch to a canvas, and we have these great message bags by Calico Dragon. There's a lot of ways you can switch out your leather goods and still look good. You can even look professional without having to use animals.


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