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What is Pineapple Leather?

What is Pineapple Leather?

Over the last couple of months, a lot of people have asked me about pineapple leather. Pineapple leather made from the leaves of the pineapple plant. Ananas Anam calls Piñatex which piña is Spanish for pineapple. Carmen Hijosa developed the vegan leather after visiting the Philippines. She noticed men wearing the Barong Tagalog made with woven pineapple leaves.

Pineapple vegan leather is a product that has a small environmental impact. It is a waste plant fibers from the pineapple industry. Filipino farmers can sell the leaves instead of leaving them to rot providing. The fibers sent to a factory that uses a mechanical and chemical process. It is then turned into a sustainable high-performance natural textile. The fabric bonded together without knitting or weaving with the long fibers like felt. Piñatex fibers don't need land, water, fertilizers or pesticides to produce it.

Companies are already creating a variety of products including handbags, shoes, and laptop carriers. Are you looking forward to a pineapple leather purse? Soon we will start seeing more products including clothes to car upholstery.

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