Why You Should Add Trendy Sweet Potatoes To Your Vegan Diet

Why You Should Add Trendy Sweet Potatoes To Your Vegan Diet

Sweet potatoes are delicious and filling, and these trendy veggies are loaded with minerals, vitamins, and fiber, according to Healthline. They may even have the capacity to fight cancer. If you're looking for ways to add more variety to your vegan diet, and you don't regularly consume sweet potatoes, learning how to enjoy them will be beneficial. Once you start eating them regularly, you may wonder how you ever got along without them. These tips will make it so easy for you to enjoy vegan sweet potato recipes that are gourmet enough for hip bistros, and perfect additions to your plant-based diet.

Nosh on vitamin- potato fries

So many eateries are offering sweet potato fries as a tasty side these days, but the versions served at restaurants aren't always vegan. How sweet potato fries are prepared makes all of the difference. Fortunately, you can get vegan sweet potato fries at plenty of restaurants in the US. 

To reap the maximum health benefits from homemade sweet potato fries without sacrificing great taste, go for a baked recipe. You'll be able to enjoy the health-boosting nutrients in sweet potatoes, including vitamin B6, B5, niacin and vitamin A, without the typical french fry grease. B vitamins are great for energy, niacin inhibits hardening of the arteries, and vitamin A helps to keep skin clear and glowing. Eating these fries and other vegan sweet potato dishes will, therefore, help you to feel good and look good.

To prepare your fries at home, peel and wash a big sweet potato and cut it into french fry-shaped strips. Soak the strips in a bowl of cold water for about an hour. Then, drain the strips, dry them, and coat them evenly with a couple of teaspoons of vegan cornstarch. Season the strips with sea salt, or add more creative seasonings, such as rosemary and garlic. Add the strips to a baking sheet covered baking paper and bake for half an hour at 450 degrees. How long you'll need to bake will depend on your oven, as well as how big the strips are.

Try vegan mashed sweet potatoes

If you want an exceptional side that fits with your plant-based lifestyle, be sure to try these amazing mashed potatoes. To make them, gather a couple of pounds of sweet potato, as well as a quarter-cup of plant milk, a teaspoon of garlic powder, sea salt, and pepper. To prepare, peel your sweet potatoes and dice them. Boil or steam them until they are soft enough to mash. Add your cooked sweet potatoes to a blender, with the rest of the ingredients, or mash them in a pot with the other ingredients. This dish is pure comfort food and pairs well with sauteed veggies and tempeh or tofu.

Now that you know more about trendy sweet potatoes and how to cook them, why not try them today? These recipes are designed to provide inspiration, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy nutritious and vegan-friendly sweet potatoes.

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