Made in USA and Fair Trade

The Vegan Collection


The Alexander Reversible Vegan Belt by The Vegan Collection

$32.00 USD

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Made for the man with an edgy and sophisticated sense of style that’s both aware and mindful of the Earth and the animals that are on this planet.  

The smooth silver plaque buckle is reversible making it versatile and functional. Made from high-quality 1 ¼” vegan leather, stitched in a luxurious saddle stitching, and attached to a reversible vegan leather belt strap, this belt is ideal for all occasions from semi-formal to casual wear, flip it to brown or black depending on personal preference. In a way, it’s like buying two exquisite high-quality belts for the price of one.

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  • Belt measurement for men based on pants size (i.e. 32" pants size takes a 32" belt)
  • 1 1/4" wide
  • Black/Brown Reversible
  • Brushed Silver Square Plaque Buckle with Line Pattern
  • Square Belt End
  • Synthetic Microfiber (Polyurethane derivative)
  • Manufactured under Ethical Fair Trade practices in India