Collection: Mugs

Start your day off right with a vegan mug! Give your kitchen an upgrade with these beautiful compassionate mugs. Wake up and smell the coffee! Enjoy a cup of your favorite morning brew with one of our stylish vegan ceramic coffee mugs. Enjoy your favorite hot beverage in style with Grape Cat's affordable coffee mugs. Our exclusive 15 oz. ceramic coffee mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Most vegan coffee drinkers have a very particular morning routine. Whether you're pouring the maximum volume of coffee as soon as possible or brewing a carefully calculated espresso with premium grounds, the right coffee vessel is essential to complete the process. To take full advantage of whichever pour-over, carafe, or percolator you use, we recommend getting the right mug to complement (or even level up) your coffee-sipping style.

There are more options than ever for coffee enthusiasts, but it takes a great deal of digging to find the right fit. Above all, a coffee mug should be comfortable for the user. It should hold the right amount of coffee and be easy to grasp.

To help you narrow down your choices, here are the best coffee mugs from Grape Cat.