Collection: Vegan Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

Vegan Valentines Day Gifts for Under $50

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year for inspiring romantic thoughts. Still, convention dictates that most coupled up people will head out on some kind of date. But honestly, a vegan dinner out is so expensive that adding on a fancy vegan present is another layer of pressure. Plus, what do you even get a person whom you’ve been casually dating for the past month and want to hang out? Stop and have fun with it. There are plenty of creative vegan gifts under $50 that will mean way more than a generic bouquet of red roses.

In a dream world, we'd spare no expense to shower our nearest and dearest with vegan gifts come Valentine's Day. But, this is real life, and it is expensive. This means you may not have tons of cash to burn for February 14 — you might still be paying off bills for those vegan presents you purchased in December.