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Matt & Nat


Rubben Men's Vegan Wallet by Matt & Nat

$55.00 USD

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The fashionable Rubben men’s vegan wallet, made of the finest quality vegan leather is now available. The stylish wallet, specially designed by Matt & Nat is sure to make heads turn.

Are you fed up with looking for will last for more than a few months? Do you often find yourself struggling to fit in all your credit cards in your wallet? Are you embarrassed to take out your out-of-date wallet out in public? Stop Worrying! The ultimate solution is right here. We know the market has a bunch of low-quality products that will waste your money and will not satisfy your needs, but all your problems will be solved if you make the right choice and go for a Rubben men’s vegan wallet.

The men’s vegan leather wallets will last a lifetime. They are the finest quality vegan leather available in the market. All the money spent on cheap billfolds will fit into this durable product. The wallet will also offer you great convenience as it contains three credit card slots in front, three at the back and one in the middle. You will no longer have to stuff two credit cards in one slot and go through the hassle of taking hours to pull it out when there is a long queue of angry people waiting. The uniquely designed wallet of Matt & Nat’s spring collection 2015 is trendy, and you will inevitably fall in love with the product at first sight. You can now proudly pull out your wallet at any time and anywhere without being embarrassed. The wallet-sized 4" X 3" X 0.25" will also easily fit into the pockets of your jeans.

Buy the stylish, durable and convenient Rubben men’s vegan wallet and experience the difference.