Featured Non-Profit

Grape Cat will donate a portion of every sale that it receives to a non-profit organization that we feel does important work to change the world for animals. We rotate the agencies every two months so that we can help spread the word about some groups that we support.

Featured non-profit:

At The Riley Farm Rescue, their mission is to save any farm animals that will be sold to slaughter. They yearn to give farm animals who have no chance at a good life the lives they deserve. They started out as a small farm with just chickens, and their passion for farm animals became their lives. Our farm expanded with ducks, guinea hens, geese, goats, and now as of 5-29-17, a handsome Turkey named Murphy! They have turned their small farm into a farm animal's forever dream home. With constant food, water, care, and love their mission is to spoil their animals and continue adding to their family!

The Riley Farm Rescue attends livestock auctions and rescues any farm animals that they can. "99% of the animals being auctioned today are going to be slaughtered today," said a common livestock auction-goer. Their goal is to turn decrease that 99% as much as possible. That is where help from you comes in. Rescuing these animals costs a lot of money, and so does maintaining them. The animals that come from these auctions are in terrible conditions, and seek immediate medical attention and many antibiotics. Along with that, constant food is needed to keep these animals happy and healthy.

Starlight from The Riley Farm SancruaryThis beautiful girl is Starlight 🦄🐎🌠💜 she came to ⁦The Riley Farm Rescue⁩ from someone who rescues horses but couldn’t take her. She’s been living with a broken foot for ONE YEAR 😢 and recently got a cast, but will most likely need an amputation and prosthetic.

Starlight got her name from Elspeth owner of The Sweet Beet vegan restaurant and her sponsor! Starlight has been through a lot but is strong, living a life of love on the farm 💗 Follow to stay updated on her progress!

Riley Farm Rescue has items in their Amazon wish list they need for their girl!

Send them any pony item you'll receive a special thank you card in the mail (please include shipping address)🦄⭐🌟 Shop on Amazon