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Good Luck Elephant Kid T-Shirt

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Do you want your child to be enveloped in a circle of positive energy all throughout the day?  Is it important to you that your little ones wear animal friendly clothing that is completely vegan and cruelty free? 

The elephant is a traditional ancient symbol of protection, good luck, and longevity.  What parent wouldn’t want their beloved child to wear a super comfortable t-shirt with such a positive image printed on the front? 

The “Good Luck Elephant Kid’s T-Shirt” is a 100% organic cotton t-shirt that features a red elephant encircled by an Asian-inspired yellow motif with the word “Herbivore.”   The word has a double significance:  1) It’s the name of the world renowned vegan clothing company that manufactures this shirt, and 2) The word Herbivore serves as a great reminder that an animal as big and strong as an elephant only eats plants, grasses and other vegetation.  The entire design is printed on the asparagus green tee-shirt with biodegradable ink. 

You’ll feel great knowing that your kid is dressed in this inspiring eco-conscious t-shirt.  It’s a great conversation item that will educate the younger generation about the importance of following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

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