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No Skin Off My Back Recycled Wallets



Win the battle of the bulge with our thin, inner-tube wallets for men.

Sorry guys size matters!  Thin is in! No Skin Off My Back inner-tube wallets may be ultra thin, just 1/4   of an  inch thin when folded, but they have supreme strength and keep their thin profile. Notice the inside card slots for ID, ATM, and credit cards uniquely oriented for maximum thinness.  You can carry 8-10 cards and plenty of cash and with its snap closure it keeps a thin profile.

Eco friendly wallet

They love up-cycling at No Skin Off My Back. This vegan wallet is made from re-cycled inner tubes.  Their friends at Pure Energy Bike Shop in Lambertville, NJ give us all their old tubes and tires. No Skin Off My Back sews them together into  great back or front pocket wallets. The inner card pockets are made from Cuben, a high performance non woven fabric for applications such as yacht sails, airship hulls, kites, and many designs that require extremely strong rip resistance and light weight.

Ain’t no hide in it, cool guys carry leather-free wallets!

Don’t believe that leather is a by-product of the meat industry that would only go to waste if it wasn’t used for things like wallets. Sorry to say that the meat producing industry just isn’t that green.  Animals endure cruel treatment on factory farms finally being slaughtered for their hides, and many harsh chemicals are used to process it. No Skin Off My Back isn’t saying they are out throwing paint on their meat eating brothers and sisters it’s just that the buying and selling of hides is a little freaky for them. The only bacon in No Skin Off My Back wallets is made from paper.  Make a statement  by carrying one of their thin, inner- tube wallets with all the style and features you need and none of the bull you don’t!

Low energy wallet

You know what they say about big feet, right?  In this case No Skin Off My Back is proud of their little carbon foot print.   They take this stuff seriously. No Skin Off My Back makes their packaging from waste material created in making wallets.  Their shipping company uses recycled boxes and other green packing products.  Finally their website is low energy too.  They used  mostly HTML text and a few optimized images to create their site meaning less energy is required to search it and view it!  They are proud of our commitment to their environment and all who live here.

We stand behind our  thin, leather-free wallets!

No Skin Off My Back believes in doing the right thing.  They put their money where their mouth is and are happy to stand behind their inner-tube wallets.  Each one is handmade with care.  No Skin Off My Back hopes you let them know how much you enjoy your No Skin Off My Back wallet. If you ever find a problem let them know and No Skin Off My Back promise to make it right.

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