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Vegan Beanies - Grape Cat

Grape Cat

Vegan Beanies

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Vegan Beanies are cold-weather staples. Vegan and proud! Encourage others to warm up with our brand new beanies! They’ll keep you warm this winter and help spread the plant-based lifestyle.

What does being vegan mean to you?

It’s not always an easy choice, or an understood one, but think back to the moment you made it. What were your reasons? 

We remember our reasons too, and they’re all here in this design: the compassion, the desire for justice and change, the desire to honor our well-being, and our connection to every other being. 

That’s why our homemade graphic Beanies are simple: The Vegan fashion stamp is accompanied by the Grape Cat logo, a testimony to our kindness to animals, and to yours.

That’s also why our Grape Cat Vegan Beanie backs up with action. Completely environmentally and vegan-friendly, and homemade in the USA from 100% acrylic, our classic design proves that you don’t have to pick between quality and conscience.

Protect our planet and your head at the same time with our Grape Cat Vegan Beanie!