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Vegan Witch Sticker

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Vegan Witch Sticker

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Vegan Witches are always up for a good hexing, some spirited chanting and leather-free boot-stomping to force the kind of change they want to see in the world. Shrinking violets, they are not. Always a little extra, you can never accuse a Vegan Witch of being a keyboard warrior, because although they don’t shy away from online activism, these witches really shine when they are in the trenches, talking to people protesting, cackling at counter-protestors, going to rallies, even getting arrested for the cause. The Vegan Witch has a basement full of protest signs and is always making sure she has extra batteries on hand for her megaphone; just the sight of her and her friends is known to make even the most ruthless CEO run for cover.

  • Printed/Laminated on Permanent Adhesive